Spotify’s plans to take over the US music scene surface

Spotify marketingTurns out suspicions that the timing of Spotify’s US launch announcement are linked to code revealing a Facebook music service were dead on. AllThingsD got ahold of Spotify’s US marketing materials, and in addition to being confident that its widely popular and internationally acclaimed music platform will succeed alone, the company is also leveraging its Facebook integration as a selling point.

Until now, we’ve only had heavy rumor and some obvious clues to hint that Facebook plans to pull Spotify in for its music application, then yesterday’s revelation that some code included a reference to a feature called Vibes connects with a music download dialog box all but announced the coming product. And now these slides Spotify is showing to potential advertisers pretty much confirms it (see below for the rest of the press images).

Spotify says that by integrating with Facebook at launch, it could net itself as many as 150 million US users. Although it says it approximates it will have 50 million subscribers within the first year (which is still unrealistically high). Apparently users “will start to see music on their feeds. One click and they can have Spotify.” It’s uncertain what the platform will look like exactly: It may be a full-fledged music dashboard, which would require permissions from record labels. It has laid some groundwork there already though, and it’s possible that we will have something called Facebook Music.


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