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This is the End: First Trailer for Final Season of Strike Back

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Scott and Stonebridge are back and ready to kick some ass in the final season of the high-octane action series, Strike Back. The first trailer is just a 30-second taste, but it features a lot of what is to be expected in this explosive series.

The trailer begins with “This is it, this is where it ends,” before cutting quickly to Scott and Stonebridge jumping off an exploding building, firing an AK-47, getting laid, driving huge vehicles and making things go boom, all the while cracking wise.

Season four follows Damian Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) and Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) as they head to Bangkok to attempt to crack a missing-persons case. In the process, they unveil a massive terrorist plot with global implications. The plot will pit them against the Russian mob, the Japanese Yakuza, terrorist hackers, and mercenaries.

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The first season of the show was titled Chris Ryan’s Strike Back (Strike Back: Origins in the U.S.) and was originally shown on Sky1 in the United Kingdom. It starred Andrew Lincoln and Richard Armitage (Rick Grimes and Thorin Oakenshield, respectively) and was the precursor to Cinemax’s Strike Back series. Once Cinemax decided to pick up Strike Back, Lincoln and Armitage’s other acting opportunities denied them from continuing on. Winchester and Stapleton stepped up to fill in the roles as the series’ stars.

Season one of Cinemax’s Strike Back found Scott and Stonebridge teaming up for the first time to catch the terrorist who killed Armitage’s character from Chris Ryan’s Strike Back. Season two’s plot followed Section 20 as they took on Charles Dance’s villainous billionaire and his plot to rebuild South Africa in his own image. Season three saw the boys take on a CIA double agent named Leo Kamali, who had a strain of smallpox that he wanted to release on the world.

Fellow Section 20 veterans Robson Green (Lt. Colonel Philip Locke), Michelle Lukes (Sergeant Julia Richmond) and Milauna Jackson (DEA Agent Kim Martinez) are all slated to return, while newcomers Michelle Yeoh, Will Yun Lee, Dustin Clare, Max Beesley and Michael McElhatton will appear.

The final season of Strike Back will premiere on Cinemax on July 31, 2015.

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