The Crow remake loses another leading man

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To say that the planned remake of The Crow has had a rough start is, well … putting it mildly. After losing lead actor Luke Evans earlier this year, his successor has now departed — just a few weeks before filming was expected to begin.

Boardwalk Empire actor Jack Huston has officially exited the film, according to Variety, citing scheduling conflicts with the long-delayed, troubled remake of the 1994 gothic action film. The film is currently in pre-production, with cameras expected to begin rolling in the near future.

“Jack Huston is unfortunately unavailable to continue with us on The Crow,” said director Corin Hardy in an official statement accompanying the news of Huston’s departure. “The Crow is an amazing project, and I am grateful that we have the time and patience to get it right. We look forward to unveiling our new lead and starting to film over the next several weeks.”

Huston was the latest in a long list of actors who were attached to the project at some point, only to later part ways with the film. Huston joined the film in March, filling the void left by departing lead Luke Evans. Prior to Evans, both Bradley Cooper and Mark Wahlberg were among the actors reportedly in various stages of commitment to the lead role since the film was first announced in 2008.

Originally conceived as a four-issue comic book created by James O’Barr and published in 1989, The Crow tells the story of a murdered rock musician who is resurrected with superhuman powers in order to avenge the brutal killing of his fiancée. The series spawned multiple sequels and spinoffs featuring various other people who are brought back from the dead in order to seek retribution for the horrible crimes that affected them and their loved ones.

The comic book series was later adapted into a 1994 film directed by Alex Proyas and starring Brandon Lee in the lead role (pictured above). Lee tragically died during filming due to an on-set accident, but the film was completed and went on to become a surprise hit at the box office, and to receive critical acclaim for its blend of gothic horror and action, as well as Lee’s performance. The film went on to spawn several sequels and a short-lived television series.

It’s not all doom and gloom for the remake, though, as an earlier report suggested that Forest Whitaker could be in talks for an unspecified role in the film. The report of Huston’s departure from the project also names X-Men: Days of Future Past actor Nicholas Hoult and Unbroken actor Jack O’Connell among the potential leads the studio is targeting as replacements.

There’s currently no release date set for The Crow remake.

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