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Dreams of musical stardom come at a cost in ‘The Get Down’ Part II trailer

The Get Down came with only six episodes when it premiered in August, but its fans aren’t going to be shortchanged. The back half of the musical drama series’ first season is still on its way. With its second part due to hit Netflix in April, the streamer has unveiled an official trailer.

The new preview is full of the elements that won fans over initially — catchy music, big dreams, young love, and challenging obstacles. It brings us back to the Bronx, N.Y., of the late 1970s, where Ezekiel “Zeke” Figuero (Justice Smith) and the Get Down Brothers are creating their new sound, and Mylene Cruz (Herizen F. Guardiola) is on the brink of disco stardom. Yet, in spite of the highs they’ve reached, none of their problems have miraculously disappeared. The teens are still dealing with tense family dynamics, personal struggles, and how to figure out their paths.

Zeke and Mylene’s stories are highlighted in the trailer. The two are dealing not just with their individual goals but also their relationship. On top of old issues, they’ll find new challenges as their music careers get off the ground. The trailer makes it clear that success comes at a cost.

Zeke, in particular, seems troubled. He gets in multiple confrontations in the preview, including one with his family.

“If making something of myself means losing myself, then what am I making?” he ponders at one point.

The Get Down was the first Netflix original to debut it first season in two separate halves. The rare situation shows the streaming service is still playing with its release model. It will be interesting to see what conclusions Netflix draws once the entire season has become available and, very importantly, how that affects future series.

The Get Down Part II starts streaming on April 7.

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