The Huntsman: Winter's War trailer suggests an improvement over its predecessor

While 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsman was met with a collective “meh” from audiences and critics alike, The Huntsman: Winter’s War looks like it has the potential to get this franchise pointed in the right direction. The sequel adds Emily Blunt (Freya/The Ice Queen) and Jessica Chastain (The Warrior/Sara) to the equation, returns Charlize Theron (Ravenna/The Evil Queen) fresh off of a head-turning performance as Imperator Furiosa, and brings back Chris Hemsworth as the eponymous Huntsman at the brightest stage of his burgeoning stardom.

Earlier today, Universal Pictures released the official trailer for the film and … it actually looks like a pretty good time. There’s more than enough action and eye candy to go around, and Blunt’s wicked and disembodied voice stitches the scenes together nicely, setting just the right tone. From what little we’ve seen, the actress seems to be a key addition as Theron’s comparably sinister younger sister.

This time around, Cedric Nicolas-Troyan will direct, replacing Snow White and the Huntsman helmer Rupert Sanders, while Kristen Stewart is out as Snow White, leading some to speculate that her well-publicized affair with Sanders was to blame.

Nothing was ever confirmed on that front, however, and we’re just glad to see that this film is shaping up to provide the sort of dark, stylish reimagining of a classic fairytale that its predecessor promised

While we’re not sure how we feel about the fact that this spot seems to be borrowing quite a bit from Disney’s Frozen, with Blunt conjuring up winter weather a la Princess Elsa, this film certainly looks intriguing enough to keep an eye on.

You can watch the full trailer above and you can catch The Huntsman: Winter’s War in theaters starting April 22, 2016.

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