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Mulder and Scully are back in action in the first trailers for The X-Files revival

The truth is still out there, and FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are on the hunt for it once again in the upcoming revival of The X-Files on FOX. During this week’s broadcast of new episodes of Gotham and Minority Report, the network revealed the very first trailers for The X-Files.

While the two-part preview (fortunately) didn’t provide any spoilers prior to the series’ much-anticipated return to television, it did offer our first look at some of the fan-favorite characters returning for the new series.

Each of the segments was recorded and posted to YouTube, and outside of some audio and resolution issues, they provide a good look at what to expect from the impending return of the iconic series that ended its original run in 2002 after nine seasons of investigating aliens, ghosts, urban myths, and all manner of other supernatural phenomena. The new series is expected to pick up where the original run left off, and will feature six standalone episodes that also tie into the series’ well-established, complicated mythology.

Along with Duchovny and Anderson reprising their roles as Mulder and Scully, respectively, the series revival will also feature the return of series veteran Mitch Pileggi as the pair’s former boss, Walter Skinner, as well as fellow series regular William B. Davis as the enigmatic Cigarette-Smoking Man. Annabeth Gish and Robert Patrick, who co-starred in the series late in its run after Duchovny and Anderson had ceased appearing regularly in episodes, are also rumored to be returning in some capacity for the revival.

Series creator Chris Carter wrote and directed three of the six revival episodes, with series veterans Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan, and James Wong writing and directing the remaining episodes.

The revival of The X-Files kicks off Sunday, January 24, at 10:00 pm ET following the NFC Championship Game on FOX and then continues on its normal day and time Monday, January 25 at 8:00 pm ET.

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