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Beautiful oddities fill Tim Burton-directed Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

Tim Burton’s latest film, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, appears to do what the filmmaker does best: bring to life a unique and fascinating fantasy world. 20th Century Fox released the official trailer for the film adaptation of Ransom Riggs’ 2011 YA novel of the same name today.

The trailer introduces us to Miss Peregrine’s, an orphanage where children with unique abilities live. Their oddities are evident in the trailer; this is a place that houses an invisible boy, a girl with a mouth on the back of her head, a weightless teenage girl and more. It’s also a place where settling a dispute over a stuffed bear by ripping it in half is completely acceptable.

The film follows Jake (played by Asa Butterfield), a 16-year-old boy who is trying to uncover a mystery when he ends up at Miss Peregrine’s. There, he meets the “peculiars” who live at the home and learns about their strange talents. His journey takes a darker turn, though; there are threats to their safety, and Jake may be the one who has to protect them.

The film also stars Eva Green, Ella Purnell, Allison Janney, Terence Stamp, Rupert Everett, Judi Dench, and Samuel L. Jackson. Screenwriter Jane Goldman, whose credits include Kingsman: The Secret Service, X-Men: First Class, and more, adapted the novel. The film comes from Fox and Chernin Entertainment.

Burton has directed several adaptations over the years, including 1989’s Batman, 2005’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and 2010’s Alice in Wonderland. The filmmaker is also well known for films like 1988’s Beetlejuice, 1993’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, and 2001’s Planet of the Apes, among others. In addition to Miss Peregrine’s, Burton has Alice Through the Looking Glass set to open this year, plus Beetlejuice 2 and a live-action Dumbo in 2017.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children hits theaters on September 30.

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