Olivia Wilde to return for Tron 3 with filming set to begin this fall (Update)

tron 3 filming vancouver legacy

We’ve heard very little about a potential sequel to 2010’s TRON: Legacy in the time since that film hit theaters, but a report from a Vancouver news outlet should give anyone looking forward to more digital adventures on the grid some hope.

Filming on the follow-up to TRON: Legacy is expected to begin October 5, according to VanCity Buzz, which reports that Disney has green-lit the project to shoot in Vancouver this fall. The outlet also reports that Legacy star Garrett Hedlund will reprise his role as Sam Flynn, the son of Jeff Bridges’ character from the original 1982 classic, TRON. One can only hope that creepy CGI Jeff Bridges will not be making a return from the Uncanny Valley in the new sequel.

Updated 4/7/15: While the initial report did not confirm the return of Olivia Wilde, according to The Hollywood Reporter Wilde will indeed reprise her role as Quorra. She’ll reunite with Garrett Hedlund for the project, which will be directed by TRON: Legacy filmmaker Joseph Kosinski. Filming is still expected to begin this fall in Vancouver. Plot details remain a mystery, however. 

When Disney revisited the Tron world with Legacy, the story revealed that the computer-programmer character played by Bridges had a son (Hedlund) who jumped into the Grid to find his father. Wilde was Quorra, an algorithm-made-flesh who also happened to kick butt.

If the report proves true, filming in Vancouver will be a homecoming of sorts for the TRON: Legacy team. Much of the 2010 film was shot just east of Vancouver at the Canadian Motion Picture Bank in Burnaby, with some exterior shots filmed around Vancouver neighborhoods and local landmarks.