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Uncharted 2 development revealed, new Quentin Tarantino movie teased by Sony at CineEurope

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg stand on the edge of a plane and stare down.
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Nathan Drake is returning to the big screen for another adventure. At CineEurope, Sony revealed that Uncharted 2, a sequel to 2022’s Uncharted, is in the works (via Variety).

In the live-action adaptation of the Uncharted video game franchise, Tom Holland starred as Nathan “Nate” Drake, a bartender turned treasure hunter who embarks on a quest to find Magellan’s treasure. Mark Wahlberg played Victor “Sully” Sullivan, who recruited Drake to join the treasure hunt. In February 2024, Wahlberg told Screen Rant a script for the sequel was “turned in.” Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Uncharted did good business at the box office, grossing over $405 million against a budget of $120 million.

Also at CineEurope, Sony’s president of international distribution, Steven O’Dell, briefly discussed Quentin Tarantino’s 10th and final movie. Tarantino’s last film was rumored to be The Movie Critic. However, the two-time Oscar winner reportedly scrapped The Movie Critic project entirely, per The Hollywood Reporter. Sony distributed Tarantino’s last film, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, so O’Dell hopes Tarantino works with the same studio for his final film.

How Quentin Tarantino's 'The Movie Critic' Fell Apart

— The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) April 23, 2024

Uncharted and Tarantino’s final film weren’t the only big projects discussed by Sony at CineEurope. Sony has several noteworthy movies in development, including four movies about the Beatles by Oscar winner Sam Mendes. The audacious plan for the Beatles biopics is for Mendes to produce and direct one film about each band member — John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. All four films are scheduled to be released in 2027.

Other notable films mentioned during the presentation include 28 Years Later, Danny Boyle’s highly anticipated sequel to 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later; Zelda, the live-action adaptation from Wes Ball of Nintendo’s popular video game franchise; SNL 1975, Jason Reitman’s drama about the premiere of Saturday Night Live; and Klara and the Sun, Taika Waititi’s upcoming sci-fi movie starring Jenna Ortega.

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Quentin Tarantino’s The Movie Critic may be his last film
Quentin Tarantino Manson film

For years, director Quentin Tarantino has said that he wants to retire from filmmaking after completing his 10th movie -- although it can be argued that Tarantino has arguably already made 10 films if Kill Bill Vol. 1 & Kill Bill Vol. 2 count as two movies. Regardless, The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Tarantino has settled on what may be his final project. He will direct The Movie Critic from a script that he has already finished.

THR's report states that The Movie Critic is said to be set during the '70s in Los Angeles, with a female lead character. The report also speculates that Tarantino may be basing his leading heroine on Pauline Kael, a prominent film critic who was famous for her clashes with her editors and the filmmakers whose work she reviewed. Kael also briefly worked as a consultant for Paramount in the '70s.

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The best fantasy movies on Netflix right now
The cast of Warcraft.

There should be some epic quest that Netflix subscribers can go on to get fresh fantasy movies to watch. We love Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer as much as anyone else, but these movies are over 40 years old and they shouldn't be the prime options for Netflix's fantasy section. Fortunately for fantasy fans, they aren't the only new films to watch this month. Netflix has also recently added Warcraft, the 2016 adaptation of the fantasy video game World of Warcraft. It's no Lord of the Rings, but Warcraft is still enjoyable, and the special effects are very impressive.

Most of Netflix's other fantasy selections come from its lineup of original movies including Damsel and The School for Good and Evil. Unfortunately, not all of those home-grown fantasies have much appeal beyond watching them the first time. But until we can have a wider selection in this category, these are the best fantasy movies on Netflix right now.

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Don’t let these 3 July 2024 hidden streaming movie gems fly under your radar
The cast of Everybody Wants Some!! smiling for the camera.

The summer movie season is thriving, thanks to a generous collection of high-profile movies that are proving, in no uncertain terms, that the film industry is alive and well. Pixar's Inside Out 2 is breaking all kinds of records, while Lee Isaac Chung's upcoming Twisters seems bound to offer the perfect blend of artistry and commercial entertainment. Finally, Deadpool & Wolverine will end the month by finally putting the "comic book movies are dead" argument to rest.

However, if you're perhaps tired of the big-budget offerings on the big screen, or maybe are just not keen on going to the movie theater that often, streaming has several options for you. Those looking for new, underappreciated films will surely appreciate these three options, which have sadly gone ignored for far too long. Whether you're looking for horror, thrillers, or comedies, these movies are for you.
Villains (2018)

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