Watch Marilyn Manson as a Native American hitman in Let Me Make You a Martyr

Marilyn Manson won’t have to stray too far from his on-stage character for his newest casting as a Native American hit man. In the upcoming “cerebral revenge film” Let Me Make You a Martyr, Larry Glass (Mark Boone Junior) hires Manson’s character, Pope, to kill his grown adopted son. Considering that Manson is both Native American and a lover of gore, he quickly embraced the role.

“Within the first day, I was asked if I wanted to skin a coyote,” said Manson to Rolling Stone. “It was already dead. And I was asked to burn down a house and ‘kill’ a bunch of people, so the answer was ‘yes’ obviously.”

Boone, who previously worked with Manson on Sons of Anarchy, brought the aging rocker onto the film. “He’s sort of my unwanted mentor,” Manson said. “He tells me what to do. He’s always encouraged me, but he’s very bossy about it. He’ll say things like, ‘You gotta do this. You’ll like this.'” In the film which is based partly on co-director/writer John Swab’s life, Boone plays a “a drug dealer, pimp and all-around scumbag.”

Manson, who has previously appeared in films like Jawbreaker and Party Monster, spent much of this year touring alongside Billy Corgan’s latest iteration of The Smashing Pumpkins to promote Manson’s 2015 LP The Pale Emperor. And the tour may have sparked the beginnings of another film.

“Billy [Corgan] has plans on directing and we have a project that we were thinking about doing,” said Manson. “It’s based on a book that I read when I was making Mechanical Animals, that he had given to me. It might be a pretty grand project, so it might not happen for a little while, but it’s a script that he’s had for a long time.”