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Werewolf by Night: All the Marvel Easter eggs in the Disney+ show

Marvel Studios’ scary-good television special Werewolf by Night has finally premiered on Disney+, giving audiences a frightening and fresh addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In less than an hour, the filmmakers pay homage to many classic horror movies and reference comic book lore with a bevy of Easter eggs. Now that this film is out, here’s a list of the Easter eggs found in Werewolf by Night.

Vampires exist in the MCU


As a family of monster hunters, the Bloodstones have come across various creatures throughout the ages. This history is displayed in the film’s opening sequence, which features a drawing of what looks like a vampire. There also appears to be a vampire’s head on display along with the other mounted monster heads in the main hall of Bloodstone Manor.

Comic book fans will know that vampires have had a large presence in Marvel Comics, with the most notable being Blade, Morbius, and even Dracula. Since Mahershala Ali’s Blade is coming soon, audiences could finally see these ancient bloodsuckers appear in the flesh in the MCU.

Sasquatch, Alpha Flight and maybe …Wolverine?


Also in the opening scene, the film shows a sketch of Ulysses Bloodstone using his trademark jewel in his battle against the Sasquatch. In the comics, Sasquatch was originally physicist Dr. Walter Langkowski, who gave himself the power to transform into Bigfoot after experimenting with gamma radiation to try and become like the Hulk. However, it looks like the MCU’s incarnation of the mythical beast has a much different history for this film.

Still, there are no coincidences in the MCU, and this tease of a Sasquatch monster could logically hint at the existence of Alpha Flight, the Canadian team of superheroes that artist John Byrne created in the 1970s. And with Alpha Flight comes Department H, which also created a certain feral mutant with adamantium claws …

The name of the grave


At one point in the film, Jack and Elsa hide from the other hunters in a crypt containing the coffins of Elsa’s ancestors. Each of these dead relatives has their name on display on the front of their caskets, and viewers may notice that one of them belongs to “Mika Brandonen Kleyla.” This namedrop is a clever tribute to art director Brandon Kleyla, who had also worked as one of Disney’s Imagineers.

Man-Thing’s name


When Jack and Elsa team up to free Man-Thing and reclaim the Bloodstone, the former hilariously reveals that the creature’s name is “Ted.” While this may seem like a throwaway joke, it’s actually a significant reference to Man-Thing’s comic book origins.

In the source material, Man-Thing was originally Dr. Theodore “Ted” Sallis, a biochemist who injected himself with a replicate of the Super Soldier Serum that created Captain America. However, since he injected himself with it just before crashing into a swamp, Ted mutated into the giant, plant-like beast he is now.

The Wolf Man


Since Werewolf by Night pays homage to classic monster movies from Old Hollywood, one of the most obvious influences on this film is George Waggner’s The Wolf Man. This is evident when Jack finally transforms into a werewolf and fights Verussa Bloodstone’s hunters.

Jack’s appearance as a werewolf is very similar to that of the iconic Wolf Man, with Jack retaining a humanoid face and figure while taking a frightening bestial form. So while some may not like the MCU’s design for Werewolf by Night, not only is it comic book accurate, but it is also a loving tribute to a horror movie classic.

The Wizard of Oz


After Jack, Elsa, and Man-Thing defeat Verussa and her minions, Elsa takes ownership of the Bloodstone and her ancestral home. When she sits down, her body becomes filled with color as Judy Garland’s song from The Wizard of Oz, Over the Rainbow, plays before the film cuts to Jack and Man-Thing, both also in color.

This song fits perfectly with the colorful scene, as The Wizard of Oz famously transitioned from black-and-white into full technicolor when Dorothy arrived in the Land of Oz. Elsa’s red dress and matching Bloodstone also hark back to the ruby slippers Dorothy wore in the film. There really is no place like home.

Marvel Studios’ Werewolf by Night is now streaming on Disney+.

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