Zoe Saldana to help Madison Wolfe tackle her demons in I Kill Giants

zoe saldana i kill giants shutterstock 103113344

If it seems like Zoe Saldana is always on your screen, it’s probably because she’s one of the busiest people in Hollywood. This past Friday, the Avatar actress blocked off time in an already crowded schedule to appear in I Kill Giants, a graphic novel adaptation about a young girl who copes with life’s trials and tribulations by escaping into a fantasy world full of magic and monsters.

THR reports that Madison Wolfe (True Detective) will play the young giant slayer and Saldana will play a school psychologist who helps the girl face down her problems, whether real or imagined. For Saldana, this makes five films in pre-production (I Kill Giants, Avatar 2, Avatar 3, Avatar 4, Live By Night), one in post-production (Nina), and one currently filming (Star Trek Beyond). Sleep is overrated, anyway.

Several production companies are involved in the film and it appears that they’re taking the casting process very seriously. Wolfe was one of 500 different actresses considered for the role of Barbara Thorson.

Joe Kelly penned the script and is also the author of the graphic novel that the film is adapted from. Kelly’s novel has netted several awards including the Gold Award at the 5th International Manga Award in 2012.

From the looks of it, Zoe Saldana is fast becoming the female version of Samuel L. Jackson, who is the reigning highest-grossing actor of all time. At just 37 years old, she is already the 13th highest-grossing actress in history, and the films she has appeared in have netted just over 2 billion dollars, and counting. Remember, she has three Avatar sequels, and Star Trek and Guardians of the Galaxy sequels on the way as well.

Her latest project (I Kill Giants) has yet to set a release date but we’ll update you as soon as more details are available.