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Watch: Ben Stiller gives hilarious interview with Vogue as Derek Zoolander

73 Questions With Derek Zoolander
With less than a month to go till Zoolander No. 2 hits theaters, star Ben Stiller has been warming up fans as his not-so-smart model character. Most recently, he plays the Blue Steel master in an amusing new video released by Vogue, 73 Questions With Derek Zoolander.

The video takes viewers into the fictional international male model’s luxurious New York apartment for both a tour and an absurd interview. It has been almost 15 years since Zoolander was released, so not surprisingly, the character’s digs have changed. Gone are Zoolander’s bunk beds (from what we can see); the massive place now features an enormous gym, complete with exercising models, Erin Heatherton playing DJ, and Zoe Kravitz with her shoes on the couch. However, the decor still includes prominently placed portraits of Zoolander himself.

While Zoolander shows his interviewer around, they cover a variety of subject areas, from what Derek would say is his spirit animal (“I don’t believe in using animals for their spirits — only for their fur.”) to how the gym smells so good (“I had my sweat glands removed. Any sweating you see me do is through a surrogate.”) Of course there are also misunderstandings, with the model’s answer to how often he takes the subway being, “Hardly ever. Sandwiches are a gateway to cake.”

Zoolander also talks about living in New York, calling the diversity the best part about it. “You have really good looking people and also very attractive people,” he says. Another shining moment is when Zoolander opens up about his favorite look, telling Vogue, “Looks are like children; there’s always one favorite.” While the model has gotten older since the last movie came out, it seems like he’s just as hilariously ridiculous.

Directed by Stiller, the comedy also features original stars Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, and Christine Taylor, as well as newcomers Penélope Cruz, Kristen Wiig, and Fred Armisen.

Zoolander No. 2 opens in theaters on February 12.

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