A post-apocalyptic Zorro reboot is coming

zorro reboot post apocalyptic
TriStar Pictures

Masked hero Zorro is set to be rebooted and sent to a post-apocalyptic future in Zorro Reborn. Thanks to a new partnership between Lantica Media and Sobini Films, the project is moving forward, according to Deadline.

When Reborn reintroduces us to Zorro, his story will take us to a not-so distant future. Though his cinematic universe will be unfamiliar, the film will incorporate a mask and cape like we’re used to seeing (Phew). The latest Zorro will also uphold his character’s reputation as being willing to stand up to tyrants.

The first version of Zorro debuted in 1919 in Johnston McCulley’s serial The Curse of Capistrano. In the years since, the avenging hero and his impressive talent with a sword have been the focus of a handful of novels, several radio dramas, and dozens of both TV series and movies around the world. Most recently, Antonio Banderas played the role in the memorable films The Mask of Zorro and The Legend of Zorro.

Zorro Reborn was previously set to be a 20th Century Fox project, but it has now changed hands. The film will now be financed by Lantica. The media company is aiming for principal photography to start in March 2016 at Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios. Mark Amin, whose long film credits include the Academy Award-winning Frida, will produce. No filmmaker is attached yet.

“This has been a 15-year journey filled with ups and downs, but it has remained my passion project over the years,” Amin told Deadline.

Zorro Reborn has been a long time coming, so it’s great that it has wind in its sails again. It sounds like an interesting spin on an old favorite, so we’re curious to see the final product.

No release date has been announced.