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Students: Buy a new Mac and score a free pair of Beats

apple education deal new mac free beats solo 2 on ear  press line up
Back-to-school promotions seem to start earlier and earlier each year. Even if you’re not in school, the festivities seem to invade at the height of summer, akin to the Christmas decoration splurge hot on the trail of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. That said, for students looking to soften the blow of the coming year, Apple has announced a sweet deal that bundles some of its recently acquired Beats booty with its popular Mac computers, amounting to some nice savings.

From now until September 18, qualifying students who purchase a new Mac computer under Apple’s education deal will be eligible for a free pair of Beats Solo 2 on-ear headphones, which normally beg a street price of $200. Along with students, Apple’s education pricing applies to teachers, faculty, staff, and even parents of students, so you don’t even have to go back to the grind to save some scratch.

The deal applies to the purchase of any iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Pro computer. You can look further into the terms and conditions of the deal here.

In addition, students who want to upgrade to the larger Solo 2 over-ear cans can do so for a $100 upgrade fee, or for those looking to cut the cord for the coming school year, the same $100 upgrade can be used toward the purchase of a pair of Beats Solo 2 Wireless on-ear cans.

While we’re not crazy about that heavy Beats sound, plenty of listeners seem to be, and there’s no denying that the cans come freshly sculpted with plenty of style. The Solo 2 on-ears come in a variety of color schemes, adding to the classic white and red models with a rainbow of choices like Stone Grey, and Sapphire Blue, totaling nine in all. And Beats Solo 2 Wireless on-ear cans also come in Mac-matching colors like silver, space grey, and gold.

Last year, the education deal came with only a $100 gift card, so if you’re looking for a new computer, and you can’t wait to rock some Beats headphones, this may be the bundle you’ve been looking for.

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