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Users report widespread issues with Apple Music, iTunes, other services

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If you’re having trouble accessing Apple Music, the App Store, iTunes, your favorite Apple TV apps, or numerous other services from the Cupertino kids, it’s not just you. Users began reporting trouble with the services earlier this morning, most notably with Apple’s prized new music streaming service.

Somewhere in the distance, you can hear the cold echo of Spotify laughing.

At the time of publication, Apple has released only a vague statement online, saying “We are investigating and will update the status as more information becomes available.” But it appears the company may be having some trouble with its CDN (Content Delivery Network), which was created a few years back in an effort to allow the tech titan to better deliver updates for iOS, OS X, as well as, presumably, to provide clear and open lanes for delivery of Apple Music, and the forthcoming Apple TV video streaming service.

Apple Insider has claimed the issues were caused by increased volume due to the exclusive unveiling of the MTV Video Music Awards nominees on Apple’s Beats 1 radio service , which, considering the services affected, is a rather comical example of cause and effect.

Checking on Apple’s system status online, several of Apple’s services are designated with a sad yellow diamond next to them, meaning users are experiencing erratic issues with said services. At publication, those affected included: the App Store, Apple Music, Apple TV, iBooks Store, iTunes in the Cloud, iTunes Match, iTunes Store, iTunes U, Mac App Store, OS X Software Update, Radio, and the Volume Purchase Program.

Apple System Status

Note that around least half of those affected are tied in to Apple’s new baby, Apple Music, including the Radio services, all iTunes services, and Apple Music itself. For a streaming platform that’s just recently crested over the horizon, the issues come at an unfortunate time, namely when users are still getting used to the idea of relying on Apple for virtually all of their music needs. On the bright side, users are still enjoying a free trial for Apple Music, so there’s no viable complaint about monetary restitution.

Today marks the first day Apple Music has had any notable issues. We’re still monitoring the situation, and the safe bet is that Apple will have these issues cleared up soon. For now, however, Spotify is no doubt enjoying the ride.

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