After Kanye’s Grammy debacle, Beck and Beyoncé come together in new mashup

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Unless you’ve been on a week-long wilderness retreat, or inside a North Korean prison cell, you’ve likely heard about the latest Kanye West debacle at the Grammys after Beck shockingly took Album of the Year honors. For a moment, we almost thought Kanye had grown up a bit with a fake-out parody of his “Ima let you finish” Taylor Swift stunt from the VMAs in 2009. But Kanye, being Kanye, quickly made an aboutface after the show with yet another rant about how Beyoncé was robbed, calling Beck’s win an afront to “artistry,” and saying he should give his trophy to Bey-Bey (as she’s known in our circles).

Despite this new evidence that the past few years of stardom and Kardashian indoctrination have done nothing to soften the world’s most narcissistic hip-hop cheerleader, Beck and Beyoncé have again remained classy as ever. Beck said of Kanye afterword “I still love him and think he’s genius,” while Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z laughed at the stunt as it played out onstage, obviously glad (for that brief moment) that they wouldn’t be dragged into another media melee. And while Kanye and his previous victim, Swift, will reportedly be joining each other in a studio collaboration, what about Beck and Bey? Is there some way the two could join forces musically? One mashup artist said “Yes!” to this proposition, and the result below shows what it might sound like if the two came together to create a musical alliance and put all the bad vibes to bed. Enjoy!