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Code reveals Facebook working on a music service codenamed Vibes

vibesGoogle has infamously “leaked” plenty of Google+ related code, most recently outing some of its future features. Now, the degree to whether you believe all this code continues to surface “accidentally” may vary, but the fact remains that it usually gives us at least a glimpse of things to come. And now Facebook has taken a page out of Google’s handbook and some code reveals a project internally called Vibes is on its way.

Programmer Jeff Rose’s curiosity about yesterday’s Skype integration led him to poke around a bit to see how exactly the install worked alongside his own Skype application. But he found something far better: He discovered a piece of code that all but confirms Facebook will be launching a new application called Vibes. He says it “connects with a music download dialog in the page,” reasoning it must be the new music service.

The news coincides nicely with Spotify’s announcement that it is launching in the US. A Spotify-Facebook partnership has been rumored for some time now, and yesterday we wondered if Spotify’s stateside introduction coupled with Facebook’s self-described ensuing launch season meant an application integrating the music streaming service was just around the corner. And don’t let the name “Vibes” throw you off: The Skype deal was called “Peeps” in-house.

While we can’t say for certain what the music streaming application will be called (although our money’s on Facebook Music), we would be surprised if it didn’t launch by the end of the summer. Google+ has put some pressure on Facebook to stay ahead of the game instead of sitting on its laurels, and Google, Apple, and Amazon have all launched cloud-based music services that have created a lot of buzz for the respective companies.

And just in case you’re interested, a leaked look at Spotify’s charging terms surfaced today. It looks like it will be $9.99 a month for the premium plan and $4.99 for the unlimited (cheaper than the subscriptions are across the pond). Spotify will not confirm a firm launch date or pricing details, although a TechCrunch source says it might just be waiting for Facebook to ready its music application.

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