Denon takes to the skies with the wireless, noise canceling AH-GC20 headphones

Storied audio company Denon has resurrected the Globe Cruiser series, the company’s wireless headphones designed with travelers in mind. The latest iteration comes in a sleek new over-ear model with noise canceling dubbed the AH-GC20.

Positioned as a premium pair of headphones built for flying the friendly skies, the AH-GC20 are crafted with thick cuts of aluminum, and chic black padding along the ear cups and headband. Like so many headphones these days the AH-GC20 lay flat, and they also fold up like a contortionist for impressive portability.

Inside the earcups are dual 40mm drivers, designed for a “natural tonal balance free from exaggerated colorations.” We like the sound of that, and we’re hoping that means the GC20 won’t blow our ears out with bass, as is common with so many headphones introduced these days.

Wireless connection is handled by Bluetooth 4.0 with the aptX codec, designed for CD-quality sound from compatible devices, and the headphones can also pair up with dual source devices at a time. Noise cancellation is accomplished via a dual microphone system, while the microphone for taking calls is enhanced with Clear Voice Capture (cVc), designed to normalize and equalize the signal, as well as to remove any echo from the call.

Battery life is estimated at 20 hours of runtime per charge, and the cans also come with a wired connection for use when wireless headphones aren’t allowed. Accessories include a USB charger, quarter-inch and airplane adapters, and a leather carrying case.

We’ll likely be getting a pair in for review soon, so stay tuned to see if the newest Globe Cruiser can compete with the slew of other wireless headphones crowding the market.

Denon’s new AH-GC20 are slated for availability in April, priced at $400.

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