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Taste of Bey: How to experience Beyonce’s visual album Lemonade

Beyonce holds a mic and sings.
Another day, another polarizing musical force releases an album in a groundbreaking way, leaving fans collectively scurrying to gather time and money. Ever since Beyonce released her surprise album, Lemonade, following the Saturday’s airing of a short film by the same name on HBO, one question has rippled throughout America: Where can I get my Lemonade?

Beyonce’s visceral, 60-minute visual journey through heartbreak, feminism, and an inexplicable propensity for arson was aired on HBO, but HBO GO only offered the short film for 24 hours. Given Beyonce is part owner of streaming service Tidal — alongside her husband Jay Z — and still distributes music through Columbia Records, not every service is pouring the same Lemonade.

Here’s a quick recap of how and where you can experience Beyonce’s visual album, Lemonade.

Updated on 04-28-2016 by Keith Nelson Jr: We’ve added Pandora’s streaming option.


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Beyonce’s Lemonade may be a 12-track bitter pill of infidelity accusations and divorce threats that Jay Z has to swallow, but the family is still a business. Presently, Tidal, is the only place you can stream the Lemonade album and short film. This marks the first full-length album Beyonce has released exclusively on Tidal since becoming part owner last year. You can listen to it as an album or a playlist, the latter of which includes the short film at the end. You can also make both the album and the playlist available offline, if you’d like.

While Tidal may be the only place you stream both the Lemonade film and album, it is not the only place you can stream the album. As of April 27, Beyonce’s Lemonade is also able to be streamed on Pandora. Even with Pandora included, Tidal is still the only places to stream the album on-demand.


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Beyonce’s Lemonade is currently only available to buy through Tidal,  iTunes and Amazon, for $18. Amazon is only selling the MP3 version of the album, however, though you can obtain the short film if you decide to pre-order the physical CD-DVD combo slated for release on Friday, May 6, for $19. Apple’s iTunes also offers a digital booklet featuring stills from the film and candid photos of Beyonce and Jay Z, among other flicks. So, if you want your Lemonade and to drink it too, iTunes and Tidal are the only places to purchase the album with the hour-long short film.

Beyonce is heading out on the road for The Formation World Tour starting this Tuesday at Marlins Park in Miami, Fla. Considering that Tidal live streamed and offered Beyonce’s 90-minute performance at last year’s Made In American festival for purchase, there may be more Lemonade squeezed out in the streams.

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