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Sick of U2? Here’s how to remove ‘Songs of Innocence’ from your iTunes

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When Apple unveiled its new iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch, it also topped off the deal with a free brand new album for all iTunes users around the world. U2’s “Songs of Innocence,” featuring Irish frontman Bono, was given as a gift to all iPod and iPhone owners over the air to their devices. However, not everyone wants the new U2 album. Here’s how to get rid of it from your iTunes Library and list of iTunes Purchased items.

After backlash on social media over sending everyone a music album they may or may not want, Apple has prepared a Web page for users to go on and remove U2’s free album, “Songs of Innocence,” from your iTunes Purchased list. In order to do this:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the “Remove Album” button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Login using your Apple ID and password.

Once you login you’ll receive confirmation that your copy of “Songs of Innocence” has been removed from your iTunes Purchased list. Once you do it though you’ll still need to remove it from your iPod and iTunes library manually to finish the job.

If you have a change of heart for U2’s new album, you can still download it for free from the iTunes Store until October 13. After October 13 though, “Songs of Innocence” will go on the iTunes Store for purchase and you’ll have to pay for it yourself. Whether it’s because you truly dislike the new album or don’t like Apple forcing you to receive a new music album, you can now at least stop seeing it on your devices and iTunes Library.

No word yet on how Tim Cook or Bono feel about all the hate for U2.

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