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Rumors are buzzing that a surprise-release album from Beyoncé is imminent

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Rumors that pop diva Beyoncé will drop a new album this April are buzzing, following the addition of 13 mysteriously unlisted videos to her Vevo site, and a mysterious outage of her artist page on iTunes.

There are 117 official videos currently viewable on Beyoncé’s Vevo account, but the page is listing 130, leaving 13 that are as yet unaccounted for. There’s been no explanation from the superstar’s camp as to why the count has changed, leading many to believe that a new 13-track album is imminent.

The singer is no stranger to surprise releases. Beyoncé famously dropped her 2013 self-titled album without any press build up. She also put out her latest single Formation the night prior to this year’s Super Bowl performance, with no advanced notice to press outlets or fans.

Formation is the first single to be released off of the diva’s next project, but there hasn’t been any announcement as to when more tracks will drop. Fans have long known that Beyoncé is working on a new record, which is confirmed to feature the handiwork of another pop superstar: Sia.

One fan site says claims that the singer’s new album will appear in April, and that it will feature a “mini-film.”

Adding fuel to that fire is the fact that Beyoncé will embark on a 40-stadium tour beginning on April 27. Called the Formation tour, it’s a pretty good bet that Formation will be the name of the upcoming album.

The stars, it appears, are aligning to indicate new material from the pop queen, despite no formal announcements from her camp. If she does intend to surprise-release this album like the last, it seems that fans have caught on.

Dropping an album of this magnitude without any pre-release buzz, it appears, is a feat that’s hard to pull off twice.

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