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Kanye announces new album due this summer during Twitter rant

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As some debate continues about whether or not Kanye West’s current album is even officially done yet (it probably is), the rapper is already announcing another album due to be released this summer.

The announcement came, as do most of the public personality’s musings these days, via Twitter, where it was sandwiched inside a rant about The Grammys, his personal debt, and other oddities.

The rapper didn’t announce any further details regarding the upcoming album — information like who would appear on it, at what point in the summer it would be out, or what it would be called — and given the state of his ongoing public rants, it may or may not end up coming to fruition.

That said, The Life of Pablo, which came out exclusively on Tidal last week, is a well-made set of tracks which showcases West’s early-career production style. And with reports that the musician has been hard at work in the studio for months now, and that he has over 40 unreleased tracks to put out, fans will likely be waiting on pins and needles for the new set of songs.

In fact, the first of many potential tracks for the new album was dropped during a private party in Los Angeles last night. Called Closest Thing to Einstein, the song was a soulful breakdown in which the rapper compared himself to the famed astrophysicist, saying, “I know I’m the most influential / That TIME cover was just confirmation / This generation’s closest thing to Einstein / But don’t worry about me, I’m fine.”

As one of the most important voices in hip-hop, regardless of how industry members feel about him personally, West will likely continue to hog headlines until the mist behind the new record clears. And with such an active social media account on Twitter (and an extremely hands-off publicist), more information should be made available by the musician any time now.

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