Kesha’s back: Singer performs with new band Yeast Infection in Nashville

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Kesha’s legal battle with producer Dr. Luke may prevent her from recording new songs with anyone else, but the singer is still making music. Just before Christmas, she performed at Nashville’s Springwater Supper Club & Lounge with her new band, Yeast Infection, reports E! Online, sharing the experience and her love with fans.

The surprise concert took place despite the ongoing legal dispute, with the singer seeking to void her original contracts with the producer. Their dispute, which is now over a year old, includes allegations by Kesha that she was drugged and raped by Dr. Luke, according to THR. The producer has filed claims as well, asserting that Kesha is trying to extort him.

Although the fight hasn’t ended, it’s clear that Kesha doesn’t plan to put her career on hold any longer. At the concert with the defiantly named band, Yeast Infection, they performed a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love, as well as new versions of her songs Blow and Timber. She introduced the band via social media, tweeting their name and photo on Christmas Eve, as well as sharing photos and video from the performance.

The singer made it clear — both onstage and via social media — that her fans had her love and gratitude for their support, writing on Instagram, “merry Christmas animals! I’m so grateful for u!!” She also referenced her contract problems, adding, “no matter what, no one will ever stop me from making noise. never let anyone take ur happiness. that’s the only way they beat u. never let them win.”

While it would be ideal for fans if Kesha could record new music again, it’s at least nice to have reassurance that she doesn’t plan to stop sharing her work, no matter how her contract battle shakes out.

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