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Be the backyard bbq champion with this $1,100 boombox cooler

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is the most posh cooler on the planet?” No? Well, either way, we think we might’ve found the answer. Say hello to the Kube, an $1,100 block (that’s right, this thing costs over a grand) of technology-on-ice designed to blast sound, keep your drinks in the nether regions of the temperature scale, and look damned good doing it.

Designed as if plucked from the Scandinavian visionaries over at Bang and Olufsen, the Kube definitely makes a statement right away. In fact, the leather handles above slotted screens on the side look strikingly similar to B&O’s A2 Bluetooth speaker. The cooler’s chic exterior boasts more curves than Betty Davis behind a silhouette shade, and its silver-on-white color scheme draws the eye with stylish minimalism.

Kube’s creators are mum on specs when it comes to the audio components packed inside this glitterati ice box, but the company does claim the marine-certified Polk speakers inside will push out distortion-free sound that’s audible for up to 500 feet, allowing you to play tunes for a “party of 200 or 2,” as Kube puts it. We got a taste of the concept device at CES 2015, and it was somewhat of a hit, but we weren’t able to go ears-on in any satisfactory fashion thanks to a Vegas convention center’s crowded halls.

The Kube boasts a push-button control panel up top, and offers Bluetooth wireless connection as well as a 3.5mm line-in option. Impressively, battery-run time is estimated at up to 20 hours.

A press of the push panel on top of the cooler activates the “self-opening lid,” to reveal a 33 quart interior (48 12-oz. cans). Lighted controls, and an LED-lined interior is activated when the lights go out, preserving energy in the day, and assuring you get the beverage of your choice at night.

At the back of the Kube are a trio of guarded ports, including a power port for plugging the device in, a USB port for charging your device, and the aforementioned 3.5mm input.

While a cooler of this caliber is certainly a luxury item, those who want one need only put down $100 at the Kube website to reserve one now, or you can get $100 off the $1,100 retail price by paying in full.

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