Samsung’s Milk Music now streams on your web browser

samsung milk music web player  bg decemerists

In the battle for web music streaming, there’s a new competitor in town.

Samsung’s Milk Music, the year-old streaming service previously only available on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, the Gear S smartphone and Samsung Smart TVs, is now available through a web player. The freemium web player is now accessible to anyone who creates an account on

Similar to other online radio services ala Pandora, Spotify Radio and iTunes Radio, the service has 200 curated stations. Listeners can customize their stations by favoring a song and using a slider to adjust the mix of “popular,” “new” and “favorite” tracks the station plays.

The service’s web player is visually attractive, showing just album art from the song you’re listening to, small buttons to pause, skip, favor and show artist and a slider to choose from 17 musical genres. Milk is free to use and is also advertisement-free, but it limits the number of songs you can skip to six. Samsung also offers a paid version, which allows you to skip an unlimited number of songs, for $3.99 per month.

If you’re a audio buff, though, this might not be your best choice: music streams at just 128 kbps, as opposed to Google Play, Rdio and Spotify which stream at up to 320 kbps.

Although Milk Music probably isn’t going to convert Spotify or Pandora users, it is a selling point for Samsung mobile phones, tablets and TVs who can now use the streaming service on the web. And we are a fan of the latest Samsung phones, recently awarding the upcoming Galaxy S6 one of Digital Trends’ Top Tech of MWC 2015.