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Santigold’s cool new interactive music video makes your face part of the music

santigold releases new interactive music video
Pop star Santigold has released an exciting interactive music video for her new single Can’t Get Enough Of Myself, which allows Google Chrome users to exist in her on-screen world.

To experience it for yourself, one needs to go to a special webpage and then allow Chrome to take control of a built-in webcam. The video then plays with live shots of whatever the camera sees projected on her cell phone, water glass, and various other reflective surfaces.

It’s a pretty creative idea for a song about America’s increasing obsession with vanity, offering an elegant display of the singer’s dry sense of humor, which she routinely puts on display in her music.

A 39-year-old singer from Philadelphia, Santigold first broke into mainstream eardrums in 2008 with her debut album Santogold. A creative mixture of pop hooks and driving beats, she did well to break the mold, differentiating herself from the typical onslaught of 20-something pop artists with creative lyrics and more intelligently crafted singles. That said, Santigold by no means materialized out of the musical ether.

A longtime producer and songwriter who penned songs for The Wu Tan Clan’s GZA and Lily Allen (among others) for almost a decade before deciding to launch out on her own, Santigold’s debut was much-anticipated by music industry insiders. With a distinct set of new-wave influences and a penchant for 1980s-style pop hooks, the singer remains a musical force to be reckoned with to this day.

Her upcoming third record, a 12-track pop number called 99¢, features a cover photo of the artist shrink wrapped and surrounded by various musical knick knacks, with a big 99¢ sticker in the upper left hand corner.

The new album is sure to be fraught with other subtle jabs at the modern music industry, though it does come out on one of the big boys (label); 99¢ hits record stores on February 26, via Atlantic records.

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