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Sennheiser reveals ‘quintessential’ new affordable headphones at IFA

Sennheiser is often better known for its high-end offerings, but the company has been offering high quality sound at affordable prices in its HD 400 series for quite a while. That line is about to get a little bigger, as three new models in the series have been announced at IFA in Berlin.

“The HD 400 range is the quintessential choice for anyone wishing to step up to a great audio experience,” Sennheiser’s Ivan Kuan said. “The new headphones build on the success of our popular HD 400 range with fresh designs. They offer Sennheiser’s characteristically uncompromising blend of audio excellence, reliability, and contemporary looks.”

The new models are the HD 451, HD 461, and HD 471. All three are closed-back designs featuring dynamic drivers with neodymium magnets –but each caters to different sound preferences, according to Sennheiser. The top of the range, the HD 471, aims for a balanced approach for those who prefer lifelike sound, while the HD 461 ramps up the low end for those who prefer more bass.

Both the HD 461 and HD 471 feature detachable cables with inline mic and remote. As with many of Sennheiser’s headphones, dedicated versions for iOS and Android users are available. The cables are of the tangle-free, single-sided variety, and the HD 471 goes a step further with a gold-plated plug and quarter-inch adapter for use with home stereo equipment.

The HD 451 are the most compact of the bunch. However, Sennheiser will not be sending this pair stateside, making them available only overseas at present.

Both the HD 461 and HD 471 are larger over-ear designs for increased noise isolation. Both feature leatherette ear pads, while the HD 471 also features an included carry pouch for easy portability. All three models are designed to be used with mobile devices, so there’s no need to worry about whether your phone or tablet has enough power to drive them properly.

The HD 461 will sell for $90, while the HD 471 is priced at $110. No specific date for release has been announced, but both pairs will go on sale in the U.S. in early October.

Updated 9/4/2015 at 9:00am PST: We’ve updated to note that the Sennheiser HD 451 will not be available in the United States

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