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Shure debuts three new headphone models under $50, adds mic to its excellent SE112

Those looking for quality headphones floating around the elusive $50 price point may have reason to celebrate today, as Shure delves deeper into the cheap seats with three new models, and an update to its value-packed SE112, which adds a mic piece to the package for a 10-spot.

SRH144 portable semi-open headphones ($39)

The sleek new SRH144 offer a lightweight frame and collapsible design to make them extremely easy to take along. The semi-open earcup design aims for a “natural sound,” with a claimed frequency response of 30Hz-20kHz. The bare bones model offer no frills apart from an uber-low price point, a five-foot cable, and the Shure name — which is nothing to scoff at.

SRH145 and SRH145m+ portable headphones ($39 and $49 respectively)

Designed with the basshead in mind, the SRH145 closed-backed headphones crank up the low end, and put a little shine on the band for a more Beats-like approach. With a claimed frequency response of 25Hz-18kHz, the ‘phones reach a little deeper than the SRH144, and focus less on the sparkle in the nether regions of the sound. Like the 144, the headphones offer a five-foot cable, and that’s about it. But adding $10 to the price point garners a three-button iOS compatible mic piece.

SE112m+ sound isolating earphones ($59)

Skating just below $60, the SE112m+ in-ear headphones are a steal of a deal. We loved the original SE112 when we gave them a thorough evaluation a few weeks back, finding their value-packed performance impressive enough to stand up against headphones pushing the $100 price point. In fact, our only real issue with the SE112 was their lack of a three-button mic piece. Now, we’re not saying that Shure added the mic piece to the package strictly on our recommendation, but … you’re welcome.

All of Shure’s super-affordable new models are available today, and if the SE112 are any indication of the company’s take on bargain basement headphones, they might just become a dominating force in the $50 tier.

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