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Listen to new tracks from Fetty Wap, Julia Holter, and more in our 5 songs to stream

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Every week, there are hundreds of thousands of new songs hitting the airwaves. It’s too much for just your two ears to handle. With all those options, you can’t be wasting your time on tracks worthy of a thumbs down button. Don’t worry, we’re going to save you the hassle. We listen to some of the most hyped and interesting songs each week, and tell you what ones are worth using your bandwidth on.

Here are our top 5 songs to stream this week.

Fetty Wap – Jugg

Fetty Wap "Jugg" Feat. Monty (WSHH Exclusive - Official Audio)

If you were trying to pick the artist having the best 2015, it’d be hard not to make a case for Fetty Wap. The 24-year-old rapper from New Jersey shot straight to the top of the charts with the song Trap Queen, which was actually released last year. The young artist has become nearly unavoidable when you turn on the radio. He pops up on features when it’s not his own song, and his influence is already evident.

Fetty Wap’s first studio album drops this week, and it’s about as impressive an entry as one could ask for. Jugg, one of the singles from the self-titled debut, is pretty much everything you’ve come to expect out of Fetty in the short time that he’s been on the scene. It’s a club banger of a track, loud and upbeat, packed full of southern slang, and delivered with Fetty’s unique vocal stylings. If you don’t listen to it now, get ready to hear it repeated over and over on the airwaves for the next few months.

Madlib, Blu, Med – Knock Knock feat. MF DOOM

Hip hop artists M.E.D., Blu, and Madlib teamed up two years ago to create the collaborative The Burgundy EP. That little project has turned into something bigger, and the band is back together for a star-studded, full-length album set to arrive later this year. Knock Knock gives a taste of what to expect, allowing each rapper to unleash a verse atop the soulful samplings. MF DOOM steals the show, as he tends to do, with a verse entirely about crashing M.E.D.’s house and making himself at home.

Kurt Vile – Life Like This

Kurt Vile - "Life Like This" Official Video

Singer-songwriter and former War on Drugs band member Kurt Vile has put together a solid portfolio of music over his career. There’s not much left to prove, which makes his latest album b’lieve i’m going down all the more impressive. Odd, surprisingly intricate, and all over the place, the record is a fine expression of the Kurt Vile persona. Life Like This does an excellent job of capturing these sensibilities through its smoke-filled room vibe.

Julia Holter – Sea Calls Me Home

Julia Holter - Sea Calls Me Home (Official Audio)

Julia Holter’s Sea Calls Me Home technically isn’t a new song, it just never had a home on a studio album before. Now it does with the release of Holter’s Have You In My Wilderness. It’s a perfect place for it, as Holter stretches her vocal muscles and punctuates every note with her incredible voice. The soft strings in the background are secondary to the clear, attention-grabbing quality of her singing that is on full display.

Chvrches – Clearest Blue

CHVRCHES - Clearest Blue (lyric video)

Scottish electronic collective Chvrches have been indie darlings since coming onto the scene in 2011. The Glasgow trio no longer have the benefit of relative unknown status, but they do have tons of anxious fans waiting to get their hands on their latest album Every Open Eye, which dropped this week. Clearest Blue is a standout from the record, an energetic and stuffed track with an unforgettable breakdown and chippy keyboard throughout.

That’s it for now, but check back every week for more new tunes to stream!

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