Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist has a bug, and users aren’t happy

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How the heck are you supposed to know what new bands you like if Spotify won’t tell you?

Millions of listeners who rely on the company’s recently-added, and highly popular Discover Weekly feature — which uses a specialized algorithm to put together a playlist of new and exciting music for subscribers every Monday morning — are still waiting for their new updated playlist.

And, if the users on Twitter are any indication, no one is very stoked about it. Here are a few of the more amusing user tweets that have cropped up online:

Spotify claims it has fixed the bug that caused the playlists to remain stagnant, and all users should have a new batch of songs tomorrow morning at the latest, according to Spotify spokespeople who spoke with Business Insider.

The Discover Weekly feature is one of the most popular Spotify-exclusive playlists which, alongside its Running feature, aids in the company’s ongoing battle with Apple Music to be the best at personalizing users’ individual music experiences. In the race to amass the most from the large bank of users still not paying for a streaming service, one of the key elements is curation: i.e. whoever has the best playlists wins.

One of Spotify’s biggest strengths has been its ability to accurately predict music that members will enjoy — a feat that probably requires quite a bit of back-end engineering, along with highly trained curators. Add millions of users to the mix, and there must be some pretty hot servers over at the streaming service.

Overall, this isn’t terrible news for the company. If all these angry tweets say anything, its that Spotify seems to have a pretty secure — if somewhat demanding — user base.

As far as alternatives go, listeners who wish to jump ship can head over to Apple Music for the afternoon, where they will find a soft, pillowy pile of Taylor Swift covers from Ryan Adams, who released his full 12-track take on 1989 just after midnight. (The tracks can also be found on YouTube.) And, for the next week, the Apple Music is also hosting an exclusive collaboration mixtape between big hip-hop stars Drake and Future. So those are a couple of choices to hold you over while you wait for that new music fix.

However, if you’re one of the Spotify faithful who hasn’t gotten an update yet, all you can do is wait.


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