U2 bought new phones for Eagles of Death Metal following Paris attacks

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Eagles of Death Metal
Famed U2 frontman and international philanthropist Bono purchased new cell phones for members of the Eagles of Death Metal following the recent Paris attacks, according to the New York Times.

The musician offered the band use of his private jet, but found that giving the band the ability to stay connected with loved ones overseas was the best way to help. All of the band’s phones were left in the venue during their escape.

“We had a plane, which we put at the Eagles’ use if they wanted it, but they found another way. The best thing we could do for our fellow musicians was to buy them phones,” the singer said in a recent interview in the New York paper. “I spoke to Julian [Dorio] and to Jesse [Hughes]. But that was the best thing, Jesse said, just getting the phones to be texting and all the stuff that you do — social media — to find out what’s going on. Their phones were in the venue,” he continued.

Two of U2’s shows in Paris were postponed following the attacks at Le Bataclan theatre, in which 89 Eagles of Death Metal fans lost their lives. U2 intends to return to Paris to make up for those lost shows on December 6 and 7.

Asked whether he and the band thought about cancelling their shows entirely, Bono said that wasn’t ever likely, “U2 doesn’t have a history of canceling many shows,” he said. “I suppose the Irish in us just doesn’t want to give in to terrorism. We’ve had it all our lives.”

The frontman, whose primary musical focus these days is equality and justice, said that he and the band have a special lineup planned for their upcoming performance, but made sure to note that not much else has changed with the already-planned gigs.

“It’s business as usual as an act of defiance. This is not a concert for heroes. This is just: Do your thing.”

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