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Music streaming services join #BlackoutTuesday to support protesters

Several major music streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube have “paused” their music for a day of silence on Tuesday, June 2, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The streaming services joined Blackout Tuesday, a campaign supported by major record labels to go silent to allow black voices a chance to speak as part of protests against the death of George Floyd. Floyd was killed at the hands of police officers during an encounter in Minneapolis last week. His death sparked nationwide protests and unrest.

In a statement released on Monday, Spotify said Blackout Tuesday was meant to be “a day of collective disconnect … to help people reflect and come together in support of the Black community.”

The streaming service said special playlists and podcasts dedicated to Black Lives Matter will feature an 8-minute, 46-second track of silence, the same length of time Floyd was suffocated.

Spotify also said they would cease posting on social media in support of the movement. Amazon Music and YouTube both came out in support of the movement as well.

Apple Music joined as well, posting a message on its app for users and stating: “We will use this day to reflect and plan actions to support Black artists, Black creators, and Black communities.”

ViacomCBS on Monday broadcast an 8-minute, 46-Second blackout video in a tribute to George Floyd, Deadline reported. Other ViacomCBS brands including Nickelodeon and MTV will also be going dark.

The #BlackoutTuesday movement has since spread beyond the music industry, with many users on social media posting black images in solidarity.

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