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TCL shows off new 8K 6-series at CES 2021

If there’s one thing you can count on at CES, it’s the unveiling of the newest, biggest, baddest TVs on the market, and this year is no different. Aaron Dew, director of product development for TCL, joins Ariana Escalante at the Digital Trends CES Experience Center as part of our ongoing coverage of CES 2021. With TCL’s history in creating dynamic, incredible displays, what’s next for its legendary 6-Series line?

Digital Trends has consistently selected TCL’s 6-Series TV as the “Best TV For Your Money” for several years in a row, and this year there are even more new announcements surrounding the series. “The big news this year is that 8K is coming to the series for the first time!” Dew says. “All of the new 2021 6-Series TCL Roku TVs that will be introduced on the market will be 8K, which has incredible resolution, and incredible performance.”

Giant TVs are great, but how is TCL making 8K TVs more accessible for the average consumer looking to upgrade an older TV? Dew outlines some of the strategy.  TCL is a “vertically integrated” company — which simply means they manufacture “everything we produce and sell to consumers” which allows them “to deliver great performance, great value, great quality, and bring you the latest technology in an accessible way,” he says.

But the 6-Series isn’t the only thing TCL is getting ready for. It is also getting ready to debut what’s called “OD-Zero,” which is a mini-LED technology, Dew says. “It’s actually our third generation of mini-LED technology. OD-Zero is a much thinner form factor with the same great brilliant luminance and precision contrast.”

TCL is also going big for 2021. “If you want a beautiful, cinematic experience at home, this is a great TV,” Dew says, referring to the gigantic 85-inch TV next to him. “If you’re missing that cinematic experience that so much of us are these days,” he says, “this is the kind of TV size you’d want to have!” In fact, TCL has a whole collection of 85-inch TVs coming to market — all the way up to an 8K. “We’re really excited to bring these types of technology into our customers’ homes,” he says.

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