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FPV drone pilot shoots a wedding video like no other

Another day, another impressive FPV drone video.

Elmore Flies Again

This one offers an entertaining fly-through of a wedding — or mock wedding, to be precise — in a clever marketing move aimed at showing off a venue to couples hoping to tie the knot.

The 150-second sequence takes us on an exciting journey through Elmore Court, around 90 miles west of London, as guests await the arrival of the bride.

The video was shot by ace drone pilot Andy Lawrence, the guy behind the incredible fly-through tour of Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium and who also shoots car stunts for The Grand Tour and Top Gear.

Lawrence’s wedding video is pretty much one shot, introduced by a brief clip at the start that transitions to the main sequence as the drone approaches the doorway of Elmore Court’s main building.

After that, we’re taken on a ride through the mansion’s grand rooms and idyllic grounds, with actors playing the part of staff and guests. Everything is obviously very tightly choreographed, but it also manages to look natural (including the part where the best man confirms he hasn’t lost the ring!). The audio track was added later to eliminate the sound of the drone.

Lawrence’s effort also features a few creative variations on similar FPV (first person view) drone videos in that it incorporates a brief sequence where it’s not actually flying.

The pilot described the effort as “one of the most fun and elaborate projects of my career yet,” adding that the task of flying the drone “on a journey of 500 meters in and out of a building … has to be one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever done.”

Weddings services that include venues like Elmore Court have been ravaged by the pandemic, and as the industry prepares to get back on its feet after more than a year of turmoil, those in the business are now doing what they can to get noticed.

FPV drone videos have been receiving renewed attention after the success of this astonishing film shot at a bowling alley in the U.S. earlier this year.

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