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FPV drone video of pro golf event has an incredible ending

First-person-view drone videos continue to impress, and a recent fly-through of East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta is no exception.

The carefully choreographed 128-second video (below) was posted by the PGA Tour to celebrate this year’s Tour Championship, which saw American Patrick Cantlay bag the top prize of $15 million.

The footage starts with a fly-through of the plush clubhouse, with the drone zipping from room to room and even dropping in on a media interview with Northern Irish golfing ace Rory McIlroy.

Pulling the curtain back @PlayoffFinale 🚁

(Yes the end really happened)

— PGA TOUR (@PGATOUR) September 5, 2021

The skill of the pilot is evidenced by the tight maneuvers achieved as the drone proceeds through the building before exiting through a window to offer a view of the golf course.

Outside, the drone survives American Dustin Johnson firing a golf ball directly its way, but the video saves the best till last, with Mexican pro Abraham Ancer sinking a sublime bunker shot as the flying machines buzzes by.

It’s worth noting that the one-take video contains no special effects and no computer-generated imagery. The only added part is the soundtrack, which was added later to mask the sound of the drone.

The PGA didn’t post the name of the pilot behind the remarkable video so we’ve contacted the association to find out more.

Fly-through videos shot with FPV drones use a headset to give the pilot the best possible view of the flight. The setup has been gaining in popularity this year thanks to some incredible work by a growing number of highly skilled pilots.

One such video that recently gained worldwide attention was shot by FPV drone pilot Jay Christensen at a bowling alley in Minneapolis. Other recent efforts include this one filmed at Manchester City’s soccer stadium, a visit to a wedding, and a fabulous effort captured above an erupting volcano using DJI’s new FPV drone.

For more impressive FPV drone videos, check out this collection that we posted on the DT site earlier this year.

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