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How to get a free ’empowerment pack’ of mental health, productivity resources

Online coding school Treehouse has teamed up with several partners to create free “empowerment packs” for people whose businesses and livelihoods have been affected b outbreaks of coronavirus, formally known as COVID-19.

Five companies are donating the bundles, worth $771 each, to 300 people who apply. In addition to a six-month Treehouse Pro account — which gives you access to online coding, web development, and other technology courses — the pack includes products from Basecamp, Jour, Calm, and Rise.

Basecamp is offering three free months of its project management software. It offers tools like message boards, to-do lists, and group chat. The three wellness-focused apps — Jour, Rise, and Calm — are offering one-year subscriptions. Jour is a journal app focused on mindfulness, Rise offers tips for better sleep based on your data, and Calm is a meditation app.

The packs are meant to help people learn new skills and manage their companies while also reducing stress. “Use these tools to learn new skills, launch a new career, and maintain your mental health,” urges the website for the empowerment packs.

The participating companies are using the hashtag #ActionConquersFear as a way to motivate people to make use of time spent at home to be productive, while also paying attention to their physical and mental health.

To apply for the free offer, you have to fill out some information on the Action Conquers Fear website. Some of the questions include, “How has your income been affected by COVID-19?” There’s also a request to describe how you’ll use the software to “take action and conquer fear.”

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