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Google Maps reminds you to wear a mask in new update

If you’re looking for a restaurant or coffee shop to go to, Google Maps now reminds you to wear your mask before leaving your house.

A new banner that says, “Wear a Mask. Save Lives.” now appears on your Maps’ “Explore” tab if you’re using an Android phone. 

The banner appears at the bottom of the tab with an animation of a woman putting a face mask on. The new message also has a “Learn More” button that takes you directly to Google’s COVID-19 safety tips page, which provides information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

The CDC recommends wearing cloth face masks whenever you leave the house to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. In many states, it’s required to wear a face mask out in public. 

man checking phone with mask on
Milorad Kravic / Getty Images

9to5Google reports that, for now, only Android users in the U.S. see the mask reminder banner. Digital Trends reached out to Google to find out when the banner would appear on iOS. We will update this story when we hear back. 

Google Maps has introduced a slew of coronavirus tips and features over the past few months, including a coronavirus warning when searching for doctors or medical facilities. 

Google Maps updated its Support Page for local business owners in March, encouraging them to update their current hours since the coronavirus outbreak has caused many businesses to either close or reduce their operating hours. Google also lets businesses create a post about how and if they are affected by the coronavirus, as well as what precautions the business is taking.

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