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Google’s new Shopping 100 site uses trends to help you find the perfect gift

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift this holiday season a new Google site might be able to help.

Google launched Google Shopping 100 on Tuesday, December 10, a microsite that highlights the top 100 trending products on Google in the United States.

Items on the site are organized by category, and the list highlights items that are rising in popularity when it comes to search, with the idea that those items are popular ones to give as holiday gifts.

Categories include tech, kitchen, toys and games, accessories and apparel, gaming, sports and fitness, home goods, and personal care. Top tech trending products, for instance, include a Google Home, Xiaomi Mi Note Smartphone, Nvidia Shield TV, and the Motorola Moto One Action Phone.

While a Google product definitely made it into that No. 1 slot, the list has some of its competition as well. Amazon’s Echo Dot Kids Edition is in seventh place and the Fire TV Cube is in eighth.

Google Shopping 100

If you find something you like on the site, then clicking on it will give you info on where the cheapest place is to buy it as well as more general product information if you just need to know whatever that trending thing is (We may have needed a little help understanding some of the trending toys).

If you see something and aren’t quite ready to buy, you can also set price tracking on that next page, so you can see if and when the price takes a dip from what it is currently. If you’ve really waited until the last minute to make that purchase, the site can also let you know what nearby stores might have it in stock.

If nothing else, it might be a good place to get a little inspiration for those last-minute gifts and friends and family that are hard to buy for. Our buying guides can also be a good place for that kind of info. With ours, you can browse by category and price as well as read our reviews of some of the tech-related products, so you know what you’re buying is worth the price.

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