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Reverie Connect lets you change the position of your bed with just your voice

As the smart home market continues to grow and expand, users remain on the lookout for the next “big” device — the one that revolutionizes the way people approach common day-to-day tasks. Smart beds might just be that thing, given their ability to improve the way people approach sleep. This week, Reverie announced Reverie Connect, a voice-activation feature that allows users to control their beds without lifting a finger.

Reverie Connect debuted at CES 2019 and is currently available as an add-on to any of Reverie’s Bluetooth-compatible powered bed bases. There are nine different positions users can put their beds in, including Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, Flat, and Memory. Some beds also include a “massage” mode to help users fall asleep more quickly. The Reverie mattresses are built with the company’s patented DreamCell technology, a series of hundreds of springs that allow users to control how soft or firm their bed is. The DreamCell technology also helps to keep the bed cool at night. The entire bed can be controlled through either voice or through the Reverie Connect app.

In total, Reverie has 11 different models, all of which are compatible with the Reverie Connect. Through Google Home and Amazon Echo integration, users can set up specific routines for improving “sleep hygiene.” For example, a user could set up a command called “Go to bed” that turns off the lights, lowers the room temperature, and moves the bed into their preferred position.

According to Martin Rawls-Meehan, CEO of Reverie, “Not only does the technology enable the consumer to adjust the power base with direct voice commands, but those with a Google Home Hub can also integrate their bed into their whole sleep routine, initiating the entire process with a simple set of commands.”

Bases that include the Reverie Connnect start at $599, but the technology can also work with older Reverie models, as long as they are Bluetooth compatible. Reverie hopes to improve the quality of sleep in order to cut down on sleep-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Reverie Connect and compatible bases are available for purchase now from

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