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Fibaro smart devices are now compatible with the Samsung SmartThings hub

If you check the “Works with SmartThings” tab on the SmartThings website, you’ll see 329 compatible devices listed. Today, that number has grown. Fibaro has announced integration with the Samsung SmartThings Hub, which means Fibaro’s full lineup of smart home sensors is now available to SmartThings users. The Samsung SmartThings Hub is one of the most popular smart home hubs on the market today, rivaled only by Wink.

Fibaro makes devices like the “smart implant,” a programmable tool that lends smart home-like capabilities to run-of-the-mill appliances. The smart implant is just one of the many devices Fibaro produces. While not all of Fibaro’s devices are completely compatible yet with the SmartThings platform, the following products are:

  • Fibaro Motion Sensor
  • Fibaro Door and Window Sensor
  • Fibaro Door and Window Sensor 2
  • Fibaro Dimmer 2
  • Fibaro Single Switch and Double Switch
  • Fibaro Wall Plug
  • Fibaro Flood Sensor

More devices will become compatible throughout this year, as Fibaro intends to bring all of its devices to the SmartThings system.

“Fibaro is thrilled to announce the new integrations with SmartThings and deliver full Fibaro device compatibility to one of the largest [Internet of Things] platforms in the U.S.,” said Dominik Jęchorek, head of Fibaro sales. “We look forward to furthering our integration within SmartThings and providing our smart home devices and solutions to new customers.”

Although Fibaro devices can be controlled via the Fibaro app, this integration with SmartThings means you can control all compatible devices from one place. SmartThings’ growing support of a variety of smart home devices only strengthens the hub’s position in the market and makes it a stronger contender against Wink.

Smart home hubs simplify the process of scheduling routines and controlling your smart home by giving end users a single point of control for all compatible connected devices. The majority of smart home devices operate on either the Z-Wave or the Zigbee protocol, so a compatible smart home hub acts as a go-between for the various devices. Rather than pulling up one app after another to turn off devices, users can do it all from the SmartThings app. You only need to press the “turn off the lights” button once and every connected bulb will go dark.

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