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Zoom goes down just in time to kick off the workweek

Zoom reported a “partial outage” of meetings and webinars Monday morning, just as many schools are beginning to rely on videoconferencing to reopen remotely due to the pandemic. As of Monday afternoon, the services were working again.

Um…is @zoom_us down for everyone RN?

— Melissa Burnham (@mmburnham) August 24, 2020

According to Down Detector, the outages started around 5 a.m. PT on Monday morning, just as adults and students would have been logging on for the day’s classes and meetings. The service’s status page listed phone, chat, website, and recording all as operational, so only meetings and webinars have been affected so far. However, even the partial outage left many users affected while working and learning from home.

Users took to reporting on Twitter after their attempts to log in and join video meetings were unsuccessful. While the outage was reported worldwide, many students in the United States could have been affected, since schools and colleges were set to resume virtually this month.

In fairness, who could ever have predicted that the first day of classes at thousands and thousands of schools across the country would put such a heavy load on Zoom?

— Steve Vladeck (@steve_vladeck) August 24, 2020

Getting ready to teach first day of class and get this email. ????

— Robert L. Tsai (@robertltsai) August 24, 2020

“If you’re having trouble connecting to Zoom, we have identified the issue and are working on a fix,” the company said in a tweet. “We’re so sorry about the inconvenience.” Zoom referred customers to its status page, which shows all systems were operational by 10 a.m. PT.

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