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Do you live in a snowpocalypse? The Alpha Shovel makes life a bit easier

The Alpha Shovel: The Most Badass Shovel For Everyone
They say there is no point reinventing the wheel but some simple tools are just begging for innovation. The latest of these comes from a Kickstarter campaign for the Alpha Shovel, a snow shovel redesign by DMOS Collective out of Jackson, Wyoming.

DMOS has a history of reinventing equipment. With the Stealth Shovel, DMOS earned a dedicated following of snow-sports enthusiasts. The light tool was designed to be compact enough to carry, adaptable enough to suit the situation, and rugged enough to get the job done. But the Stealth Shovel was small and geared toward sports, and customers wanted more.

“We had no idea when we were first starting the company that we would have this tool revolution and start a new category,” Susan Pieper, DMOS founder and CEO, told Digital Trends. “We thought, humbly, that we were just going to build shovel tools for athletes and the kids that want to be like them. We thought our tools were going to be about building jumps.”

But customers spoke up and DMOS tuned in, developing a multi-shovel with a telescoping shaft for packability, serrated teeth to cut through snow, and a big aluminum head with gliders hat can tackle the great outdoors and your backyard deck. The company calls it “the most badass shovel for everyone.”

“Hand tools like shovels, rakes, and hoes are made for farmers, miners, and landscapers,” Pieper said. “But many people are now weekend warriors and adventurers, but still approach their lives in a ‘pro’ aspect. With that in mind, we realized we had a gap because tools that are made for farmers and miners and landscapers can’t keep up with everyday adventurers. And they’re not portable!”

DMOS’ fans seem to agree. The Alpha Shovel is available for $99 and, with six days to go in the campaign, backers have pledged nearly $155,000. After passing the $150,000 mark, DMOS is offering its shovel in all black and as a package deal with branded swag from Mizu and Give’r.