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Feel good about looking good with Bensly's sustainable line of menswear

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Comfort and your conscience have never blended so seamlessly, nor so fashionably. Your new favorite menswear line just may be Bensly, a company that promises to use environmentally friendly textiles in order reduce its environmental impact, and also to improve apparel breathability and fit. Promising clothing that is “softer than silk, more breathable than linen, and more absorbent than cotton,” Bensly uses a fabric known as Tencel, a sustainable fiber that actually comes from the eucalyptus tree.

The company says that its Tencel is sourced directly from sustainably-grown Austrian eucalyptus trees. Using a closed-loop fiber production process, Bensly then turns the wood chips into fine fibers that are ultimately spindled into yarn, and then knitted into fabric. This botanic material is then sent to Bensly’s engineers in Los Angeles, where designers cut and hand-stitch various articles of clothing.

Apparently, this plant-based material provides a natural wrinkle resistance, and manages moisture more effectively than synthetic cloths. As a result, Bensly claims that its t-shirts and boxers reduce bacteria growth and also provide a cooling effect. The company’s clothes are all constructed with a blend of majority Tencel and a bit of Spandex for added flexibility and stretchiness.

Despite being founded just two years ago, Bensly already has a pretty impressive lineup of clothing. In addition to boxers and t-shirts, the company also makes joggers, hooded sweaters, and shorts, though these articles of clothing are made with yet another sustainable fabric.

Known as Pima cotton, Bensly claims that this particular material is the “only variety of cotton to thrive in desert conditions, which means less water wasted and greater conservation of our cherished natural resources.” Apparently, this cotton is also stronger than regular cotton, which means that your clothes won’t stretch or lose their shape as you continue to wear them.

While Bensly has been around since 2015, it’s now taking to Kickstarter to raise more awareness for its line. And clearly, it’s paying off. The campaign has already raised over $75,000 — over three times its initial goal. And it’s also offering discounts on its clothing. For example, you can grab a pair of boxers for $22, a t-shirt for $56, or joggers for $76. All products are expected to ship in October.

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