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Walk a mile — or many miles — in custom shoes from Brooks, HP, and Superfeet

Most of us know the expression about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. But on a more literal level, you’re always walking a mile in what could be someone else’s shoes if said shoes aren’t customized to your specific needs. Here to help ensure that the next miles you traverse are as comfortable as possible is Brooks Running Company, which has partnered with HP and Superfeet to debut what it calls “the most personalized running footwear.” These new shoes leverage FitStation technology powered by HP, and claim to be the first performance running shoes to be predicated upon your unique biomechanics.

Brooks has a history of creating personalized footwear to enhance an individual’s athletic experience. Rather than attempting to correct a runner’s flaws, Brooks instead creates shoes aimed at complementing a natural motion path. And now, with its new partnerships, it’s taking this complementary capability to the next level.

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“Brooks is committed to providing the fit, feel, and ride each runner wants. The ability to give an individual a personalized shoe based on his or her unique biomechanics is a game changer. It is a compelling offering for the runner who is interested in tip-of-the-spear technology and a totally tuned experience,” said Brooks CEO Jim Weber. “As part of our focus on reinventing performance running, we will continue to push the envelope to bring runners innovations that help them uniquely tailor their run.”

That latest push involves an in-depth analysis that includes 3D foot scanning, dynamic gait analysis, and foot pressure measurements. The new FitStation technology claims to create a unique holistic digital profile of an individual’s foot, which is then translated to specific requirements for each shoe. The shoe is then produced by Superfeet on a DESMA polyurethane injection-molding machine, which uses a 3D foot scan to ensure each shoe is tailored to is owner. All of these personalized shoes are slated to be made in the U.S.

You’ll have to wait awhile to receive a pair of these shoes. The footwear is said to begin rolling out in June 2018 by way of a special order from select retail partners.

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