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Cairn, a new monthly subscription box, will get you motivated to get outside

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If the imminent arrival of warm weather, blooming flora, and the freedom associated with summer isn’t motivation enough to get you outside, then maybe a monthly subscription box will do the trick. Meet Cairn, a monthly outdoor gear delivery service that hopes the contents of its boxes will inspire some activity in your life.

The newly launched project lets you choose from a monthly or premium quarterly delivery of a range of outdoor products. With each box, you’ll receive somewhere between three and six products (for a monthly subscription) or five and ten products (for a premium subscription), all of which promise to be curated especially for you and your outdoor interests. And if you review the items you receive, you can earn points that can later be redeemed in the Cairn Shop for clothing, more boxes, and various gifts for the other outdoors people in your life.

Previous boxes have included apparel like socks, gloves, and beanies; gear like lighting, hydration, and cookware; energy products like bars, trail snacks, and drink mixes; skin care essentials like sun block, insect repellents, and lip balms; and emergency equipment like first-aid kits, fire starters, and navigation tools. So whether you’re interested in hiking the Appalachian Trail or kayaking across the Hudson, you’ll probably find something useful in Cairn.

Cairn promises that its Oregon-based team actively tests all products that make it to its subscribers’ doorsteps, so you can rest assured that the products you receive are wilderness ready. And while Cairn wants to keep you guessing about the gifts you’ll receive each month or quarter, the team does note that they are open to suggestions. “If you have a product you want to see in a future box, we’d love to hear about it,” the company notes in its FAQ.

So if you’re looking for some extra motivation to get moving this summer, Cairn may just be the subscription to jump-start your season.

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