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Canada's first ski-thru ATM opens on Whistler Mountain

If you traveled to a ski resort to ski, why would the ATMs be placed inside? To withdraw money, the skis would have to come off. One Canadian ski resort has partnered with CIBC, a Canadian Bank, to spare skiers that inconvenience.

At 6,069 feet above sea level, this mountaintop ATM will be the first of its kind. Skiers can glide right up, rest their ski poles and gloves in their designated holders, warm up under the heating lamps, and withdraw whatever money they need. Located just outside Roundhouse Lodge on Whistler Mountain, this 4,676-pound ATM offers a completely new way to experience banking.

“We’re thrilled to partner with North America’s premier resort to offer even greater experiences for all who enjoy its beauty and world-class amenities,” says Stephen Forbes, chief commercial officer of CIBC. “CIBC is always looking to improve our clients’ experience, whether in a banking center or on the slopes, and our new ski-thru ATM at Whistler Blackcomb is just one of the many ways we’re reaching clients at new heights.”

Ski-thru ATMs may not seem like a necessity at first, but they offer a great deal of convenience. At the top of the mountain, not every vendor is equipped to accept credit cards. For these cash-only purchases, an ATM is a necessity.

The new ATM is just a part of CIBC’s new partnership with Whistler Blackcomb. Together, they aim to deliver top-tier hospitality at the resort’s two guest satisfaction centers. Beyond satisfying your banking needs, CIBC will be offering whistles, tissues, and hand warmers as part of the resort’s free mountain orientation tours.

The first-ever ski thru ATM is available for use throughout the 2017 ski season.

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