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Modular Cinch smart pop-up tent features solar power pack, climate control

When you spend a significant amount of time camping, you learn to appreciate different features of individual tents. There is a wide variety of tents on the market, including those designed specifically for car camping, backpacking, and those that fit somewhere in the between. Now, a company on Indiegogo has a launched a campaign revealing the world’s first line of smart tents dubbed Cinch — equipped with features never before seen in tent technology.

The Cinch line includes two-, three-, and four-person size options and an additional space dubbed “the hub” with extra room for lounging or storing gear. The Cinch pops up in seconds and can be packed back down in minutes. The design allows for multi-tent connectivity and its large size is remarkable — providing enough room for a person to stand up, stretch, and move easily around the space. This is the fourth generation of Cinch pop-up tents and serves to revolutionize camping, making it smarter, cooler, and hassle-free.

The physical features include panoramic inner doors and a completely enclosed groundsheet to keep out the bugs. The tent has two entrances and there are dual screen doors throughout. The material provides for 100 percent waterproofing with double-taped seams and a 4000HH fabric outer layer. The product includes super flex fiber glass poles, door mats, and extra pegs and guys for total wind resistance.

What makes the Cinch so smart? LED lights line the ceiling of the tent, serving to illuminate your living area at the touch of a button on your smartphone. The setup sparkles, glints, and provides for 365 colors. The Cinch also provides for solar power mounting and climate control — say goodbye to those sticky mornings. The solar panels pull in 21 watts of power and are strong enough to charge your USB gadgets straight from the sun, including innovative technology that allows the panel to manage environmental conditions and deliver the best charge. The rooftop ports store the solar power inside the tent, keeping it dry and easily accessible. The portable power pack offers 13,000mAh with fast-charging, two regular USB ports, and even a USB type-C port. The climate control canopy stretches over the tent, serving for a cooler and darker interior.

While the delivery of crowdfunding products is not guaranteed, the campaign has been funded more than 70 percent beyond its fixed goal. Learn more about crowdfunding products. The four-man Cinch is listed for $350 on the company’s campaign page, the three-man is listed for $325, and the two-man for $300. You can also select extra perks including the footprint, climate control canopy, and solar power pack.

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