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Stainproof and packable Trailhead Adventure Pant launches on Kickstarter

Trailhead Adventure Pant | Packable, Durable, & Stain Proof
Coalatree, the company that brought us the Kickstarter-funded Kachula adventure blanket, is back again with another must-have crowdfunding product: The Trailhead Adventure Pant. The lightweight pant is as versatile as you are — moving smoothly from a Friday night at the movies to a weekend climb in the mountains.

The trail adventure pants are designed from a cutting-edge fabric that combines recycled ripstop nylon with four-way stretch spandex and dri-fit waterproofing. The material also is stain and odor resistant, allowing you to wear it for longer periods between washing, a bonus for those who multiday hikes. Best of all, similar to Coalatree other’s products, the Trail Adventure Pant is sustainably made using recycled materials and waterproofing methods that are less harmful to the environment and preserve the natural look and feel of the fabric.

Coalatree’s Trail Adventure Pants may wow you with their fabric technology, but it’s the details in the design that impress us the most. The pants have an elastic waist with a drawstring for comfort and a pull drawstring at the waist and ankle that let you adjust the length of the pant. Want a culotte for the gold course and full-length pants for walking in the brush? You got it with the Trail Adventure Pants. Before you bemoan the choice of drawstring, you should know that these are not your typical drawstrings — they are stitch tacked in the back, so they stay secure and don’t pull out accidentally.

Coalatree also added in some reinforced flat felled seams and a gusseted crotch area, which combine to give you a durable pair of pants that flexes with you and won’t fight against your every move. And when you finally decide to change out of the Trail Adventure Pants, you can stuff them into their pocket and toss them in your bag for future use.

Coalatree is selling the Trail Adventure Pant via a Kickstarter campaign with a starting price of $50, which is reasonable for high-end trail pants. The first batch of Trail Adventure Pants is expected to begin shipping in August 2017.

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