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Need to keep your feet cozy? Look to Cotopaxi and its llama socks

Think it’s your shoes that are the most important keepers of your feet? Think again. It’s all about the socks. And here to bring comfort, support, and the right fit to those pillars of your body are the Libre Socks from Cotopaxi, the makers of the best-funded sweater in crowdfuding history. Knit using a proprietary llama blend, these socks promise to be appropriate for a day in the mountains, a day in the office, or a day just lounging around your home.

Available in 12 color schemes and three unisex styles, all Libre socks boast a few key features. Of course, all are made of a llama blend, which is naturally hypoallergenic and promises to be supremely soft and breathable. The cuffs of the socks are branded as “no-quit,” which we can only assume means that they’ll stay up if you want them to stay up (because what’s worse than constantly having to tug at your socks?). The sole of the Libres are made of a plush terry so that you’re cushioned with every step, and around your arch is a support loop, said to be 360 degrees of ribbed, arch-cradling Hydrotec support.

That Hydrotec, by the way, not only claims to wick away moisture, but is also durable enough to withstand holes, so you won’t have to worry about darning these socks (which is great, seeing as you probably don’t have llama yarn just lying around).

Created in conjunction with the sock makers at Wigwam, this versatile sock combines Wigwam’s century of experience in sewing with Cotopaxi’s llama fibers and unique design. Indeed, Cotopaxi claims that there are no other socks like it currently on the market, and while that might be a bold claim, these do seem to be some pretty bold socks.

The company says that its goal is to make 10,000 units available for delivery this holiday season, and that goal should be verified by the end of October. There are plenty of eager backers awaiting this news — already, the socks have raised over $55,000 from more than 500 backers. You can join the crowd by preordering a pair (or several pairs) from Indiegogo — one pair will go for $22, or you can get six pairs and a fanny pack for $99.

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